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#OPSPOV: Appealing to the Ad Blocker’s Conscience

“Who are these ad blocking folks anyway?” asks the latest survey from the IAB.Come on, we all know the answer to that: they’re a bunch of millennial brats that think they’re entitled to all the content in the world without being a little bit annoyed by brand messaging. They don’t…

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Standardized Data Nomenclature Now!

Anyone can make a guess about why it's taken 20 years or so for the digital media industry to make standardizing data nomenclature a priority. Admittedly, "data nomenclature" doesn't really roll off the tongue, and if anyone thinks spreadsheets are sexy, they're probably a pretty niche group.Yet data nomenclature is…

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T’s & C’s For Our Decade

At the tail end of last year, the IAB Ad Ops Summit held a 3MS Town Hall Discussion around the implications of viewable impressions. The 3MS defines itself as “a cross-industry coalition committed to developing brand-building digital metrics and cross-platform measurement solutions.” Their major initiative at the moment is viewability,…

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Display is back, but is the impression dead?

I’m back in San Francisco for a few days in between the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (IABALM) and AdMonsters Publisher Forum XIV in Memphis. IABALM is a sea of C-level execs from “all” the top media and technology companies and I ran into a ton of old friends as well…

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