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What Are the Best Practices for Using Attention Metrics?

While attention has always underpinned advertising, the rising popularity of attention metrics is a recent phenomenon in digital advertising. Attention Metrics refer to a set of data that can be used to approximate consumer attention to both media placements and creative. These metrics range from loose proxies like viewability to…

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What Cannes You Takeaway? Brand Trends

In-housing—programmatic and creative—and social responsibility campaigns were the hottest brand issues at the 2019 Cannes Lions festival. Editorial Director Gavin Dunaway shares his discoveries in each category... While warning yacht-goers about rogue saxophonists.

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Cannes You Dig It? A Cannes Lions 2019 Preview of a Sort

Marie Kondo will be at the Cannes Lions festival. That’s all you need to know. That’s all I care about. On Monday, Ms. Kondo—or MK Ultra, as I call her—will be on a panel called “Less Stuff, More Joy: Life-Changing Japanese Creativity.” She will deliver her message of reaching the…

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Vox Media Beats the ‘Branded’ Buzz

Armando Turco left the creative agency world to head up Vox's branded content studio last year. By his perspective, the publisher side is where the action is with branded initiatives. Catch him talking about this in a panel at Ops on June 5, but first, read what he has to…

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The New Dichotomy

For years people would shoot me skeptical glances when I suggested that in the near future the majority of display inventory would be transacted programmatically—whether that meant RTB or another automated channel. But these days when I express this sentiment, more people nod their heads and scowl only because we…

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The Native Chronicles: Creative Revival

This is the first article in the Native Chronicles series, brought to you with the support of TripleLift. Read the second article on flexibility and A/B testing and the third on the future of mobile.   The first banner ad is both a thing of legend and of infamy. The latter because it launched a revolution of…

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Death of Flash #opspov

Adobe Sets a 2020 Expiration Date for Flash: Now What?

This morning, Adobe announced it would cease development of Flash Player by the end of 2020, along with its roadmap for killing it off with minimal disruptions to user experience. It’s almost surprising to finally hear it from Adobe—much of the digital world has been bracing for a Flashless world…

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#OPSPOV: Can Creative Get Its Groove Back?

The other week when someone asked me by email if I was going to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, I wrote back, “Do I look like I’m the type to go to Cannes? If I wanted to go to an overcrowded waterfront with a bunch of bloated Europeans, I’d…

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