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The False Audience-Content Dichotomy

Choose audience. Choose content. But wait—it's 2018, do media buyers really only get to pick one or the other? No, they shouldn't have to, writes Michael Hans. However, quality issues both in data and content have been holding us back from reaching the true potential of programmatic advertising; the time…

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The New Image of In-Image Ads

One of the great projects of digital media this decade has been streamlining and simplifying ad placements. We have the technology -- publishers can study where on the page they can get the most engagement, then figure out how to place an ad unit there, to grab the user at…

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A Q&A with Chris Hogg, Technical Account Director, Grapeshot

Digital advertising pros who are also Spaghetti Western fans thoroughly enjoyed Grapeshot Chief Executive John Snyder's wonderfully titled OPS Markets session on Thursday, Feb. 9: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Digital Advertising." While we're still trying to talk Snyder into wearing a poncho and chewing a cigarillo during…

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