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Audience Extension

Audience Extension for Publisher Marketing: Know Your Objective

Although audience extension campaigns are really about creating inventory by accessing third-party sites, they tend to have multiple purposes.The advertiser may be trying to reach a highly granular segment with limited on-site presence. The publisher may have limited pre-roll video inventory, so they will hunt down their audiences in third-party streams. The…

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AdMonsters Playbook: Putting Audience Extension Into Action

Half of the publishers surveyed in a recent Audience Accelerator-Digiday report, Audience Extension Industry Overview, currently offer audience extension. About 29% of that group began offering extension in the past year, according to the report, these were mostly publishers with under 20 million monthly uniques. Extension is rapidly gaining supply-side…

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The Off-Site Plan: Segmenting Audiences For Extension

First-party data is oil of the digital media landscape. While all kinds of publishers can claim it, the refinement process, not the drilling, makes the big bucks. Fortunately, technology has improved publishers’ refining abilities, not just in driving revenue from first-party data through on-site advertising as well as selling data to…

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Extending Extension: Pushing Past Basic Techniques

Look, we don’t have anything against retargeters. Some of our best sponsors are retargeters, and we’ll be the first to say the channel occasionally gets a bad rap. Execution is the real challenge – too often advertisers blanket consumers with repetitive creative, possibly for products they have already bought. It…

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Success In the Post-Audience Era

The following is a transcript from Brian Monahan's keynote presentation, "Success In the Post-Audience Era," presented at the Sonoma Publisher Forum. I love coming to AdMonster's events, I really do. I feel like it's where all the breathless hype and hot air in our industry gets made real. Knowing that is…

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The AdMonsters’ Publisher DMP Evaluation Playbook

Media buyers increasingly want to target specific audiences, and are using technologies that evaluate and buy impressions based on audience data. In an advertising environment increasily based on audience segments, DMPs or data management platforms, have become an integral tool in helping publishers truly understand the value of their audiences. Publishers…

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