AdMonsters Playbook: Putting Audience Extension Into Action

By Gavin Dunaway March 03, 2015

Half of the publishers surveyed in a recent Audience Accelerator-Digiday report, Audience Extension Industry Overview, currently offer audience extension. About 29% of that group began offering extension in the past year, according to the report, these were mostly publishers with under 20 million monthly uniques. Extension is rapidly gaining supply-side adopters, and a host of technology providers have entered the landscape with flexible offerings that can meet a variety of needs.

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According to the Audience Extension Industry Overview, 54% of advertisers planned to increase revenue flowing into audience extension in 2014, and about half of that group said it would be shifting budgets from broad or niche networks.

While audience extension does drive additional revenue into publisher pockets (64% of pubs surveyed by Audience Accelerator and Digiday reported extension accounted for 1-10% of their revenue), it also assists in deepening partnerships with advertisers. Publishers can further bolster these relationships by building creative and wading into up-and- coming transaction methods like programmatic direct.

AdMonsters’ earlier playbook on audience extension explained the underlying benefits of audience extension initiatives and mapped out the various players involved. This playbook focuses on what goes into establishing and executing an audience extension program, including developing the product with sales, working with clients, choosing the right extension partner, and campaign optimization.

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