Reach for the Sky: The Audience Extension Playbook

By Gavin Dunaway March 05, 2013

It is not a new technique, but technological advances such as Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and innovative look-a-like algorithms have transformed audience extension into an impressive revenue opportunity.

Publishers are the gatekeepers to a wealth of data craved by advertisers, but there is no rule saying they must simply stand watch over their valuable assets — they can also employ audience data as media buyers. Through audience extension, publishers use their first-party data occasionally appended with third-party data to target audiences on third-party inventory.

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However, the approach to audience extension will differ from publisher to publisher depending on goals, internal processes and the actual site audience. In evaluating how — or even whether — to implement an audience extension program, publisher digital strategists must understand the mechanisms, benefits, requirements and various players in the space — the latter being of particular importance as a variety of offerings have recently appeared.

The AdMonsters Audience Extension Playbook, sponsored by Audience Accelerator, will guide you through this evolving territory and aid in your development of an audience extension strategy.

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