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Does Google Really Not See Their Digital Advertising Dominance Is a Legit Thing?

In the past week, Google became embroiled in a serious face-off against a firing squad of 50 state attorney generals related to the tech giant’s dominance over the digital advertising ecosystem. The funny thing is Google is the only one in the industry—including ad tech companies, advertisers and publishers—who doesn’t…

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Getting Real With Remarketing

Interest-based remarketing has been available to the industry for years. Today, most marketers who’ve been using remarketing execute it wisely -- and with skill. As a single method, remarketing has practically become an industry standard.But, if you look closely, this approach appears to be a preferred performance marketing measure. At…

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Why Publishers Are Now Scrambling for Viewable Impressions Audits

Most CFOs and CEOs don’t like surprises. Wall Street doesn’t either.If you’re an online publisher, what’s likely got you scrambling now is the IAB/4A’s/ANA timeline for viewable impressions: starting Q1, parallel reporting begins. Not only will publishers be expected to report served impressions the same way as the past decade—publishers…

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