First-Party Data Playbook

By Gavin Dunaway October 20, 2015

First-party data raises a huge set of questions for publishers. Some of those questions publishers know they really should ask. Some are questions they hadn’t even thought to ask yet. Our latest playbook gets to the answers publishers need to understand and utilize their first-party data, regardless of whether they know how to phrase the questions.

The most recent EMC Digital Universe Study by the International Data Corporation predicts the amount of data in the digital sphere — which is already doubling in size every two years — will reach 44 zettabytes. Does 44 zettabytes sound all that impressive to you? Perhaps it would if you knew that one zettabyte is equal to 1000 exabytes, which is 1 billion terabytes, which is also 1 trillion gigabytes. That’s pretty tremendous growth from 4.4 zettabytes in 2013.

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Data are everywhere and collected by just about everybody. The term Big Data seems to have fallen out of favor due to the realization that near-infinite amounts of data aren’t actually worthwhile; finding the small amount that’s relevant and actionable it is where the value is.

For better or for worse, digital media is the most measurable medium out there. This fact can make ad operations’ job ultra-complicated: think about verification or viewability. But there’s a pretty fantastic upside to extensive measurability— the capability to thoroughly understand the people that visit your website and consume your content via the data they give you. This is first-party data.

Advertising in media has always been based on audience, and those publishers that know how to wield first-party data well can draw detailed pictures of their user base and drive increased revenue from the knowledge. Easier said than done, of course—collection and analysis is hard work and requires the assistance of a service provider for most publishers.

Sponsored by the folks at Rocket Fuel, this playbook will help you understand the fundamentals of first-party data, its relationship versus second- and third- party data, and some of the terminology surrounding the space. In addition, we’ll examine the primary uses of first- party data, including on-site targeting and audience extension. From there we’ll dive into service providers that aid in leveraging first-party data, with a particular focus on the functionality of DMPs.

In the digital media world, data is vast—near infinite. However, not all data are equal, and first-party data is considered particularly valuable. We’re here to show you why, and how to make them drive revenue for your operation. The sooner you download the playbook, the sooner you can start developing strategies to make the most of this data action!

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