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First-Party Data Playbook

First-party data raises a huge set of questions for publishers. Some of those questions publishers know they really should ask. Some are questions they hadn't even thought to ask yet. Our latest playbook gets to the answers publishers need to understand and utilize their first-party data, regardless of whether they…

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Media Cross Media Tackles Big Data

“How many of you know what Big Data is?” asked Heidi Cohen, ClickZ columnist, adjunct NYU professor, President of Riverside Marketing Strategies and moderator of the panel discussion at the Media Cross Media (MXM) Big Data event. A decent percentage of the crowd gathered at the Corporate Tax Network’s offices…

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O’Reilly: Making Progress Toward the ‘Quantified Society’

“Towards the Quantified Society” was the theme of O’Reilly’s online preview of its Strata conference in Santa Clara, Calif., in late February. The statement does make one tingle a bit – we’re headed in the direction of a data-centric world where everything can be measured, morphed into numbers and metrics,…

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Krux Digital Updates Platform, Looks Global: Q&A With Brian Buizer

In addition to upgrading its publisher-side data management platform with some slick new tools (including social data integrations), Krux Digital announced today that it’s gone global, now providing services for European and Japanese media companies. We caught up with Director of Client Services Brian Buizer to discuss some of the…

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Plugging Into Data Monitoring

  When you work in digital advertising and follow industry blog after industry blog, you begin to notice a pattern. All the crowd writes about and seems to care about is data management. Data is our future! Data is our only hope! Perhaps due to the astronomic rise of Internet usage…

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