PubForum Video: Keynote Jessica B. Lee, Loeb & Loeb, on Braving CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) finally went into effect on January 1, 2020. But many digital media companies are still confused about how it will impact their businesses and what it means to comply.

This is especially true since the first CCPA Class Action was filed against clothing retailer Hanna Andersson and Salesforce and California’s Attorney General has modified proposed regulations.

That’s why we brought privacy expert—Jessica B. Lee, Partner and Co-Chair of Privacy, Security & Data Innovations at Loeb & Loeb (also named “Best Lawyer” in Privacy and Data Security Law by The Best Lawyers in America)—to PubForum Santa Monica to help steer the industry right.

Of course, we’ve covered how confusing CCPA is before. That’s how I learned about Lee’s work. Back in October, I attended an event where identity solutions provider, Britepool, released study results revealing that under CCPA, that 87% of people would opt-out. But when presented with educational information about the law and a fair value exchange for their data, that number would significantly drop. At the event, I watched Lee masterfully explain the ins-and-outs of CCPA, while quelling the fears of everyone in the room.

She brought that same calming energy to PubForum Santa Monica on March 9. Watch the video of her keynote below.

KEYNOTE: Escaping CCPA Limbo — Jessica B. Lee, Loeb & Loeb LLP from AdMonsters on Vimeo.

During the talk, she provided insight into one of the most confusing elements of CCPA—the question of what constitutes a sale.

  • She also showcased how some media companies are responding to CCPA and looked at some of Attorney General regulations we can expect to see in July;
  • provided overview of industry solutions like DAA CCPA Opt-out and IAB CCPA Framework, highlighting both benefits and challenges;
  • walked through other states that have legislation on the table;
  • and discussed options for preparing for privacy regulations + the death of the third-party cookie, providing clear strategies for moving forward.

It was a highly informational talk, and we’re happy to share it with the wider AdMonsters community. You’ll find more videos from the 50th PubForum at our Vimeo channel.