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Tool and Platform Evaluation

Being on the media agency side of the industry, we have the unique opportunity to get the inside view of all platforms and technology providers. We can opt to have partners be a preferred solution, or form agreements with as many as possible to promote competition. Because there are so…

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Got ad performance problems? Find out!

We saw that Google Analytics now supported Page Load Time metrics out-of-the-box and started thinking about how we might be able to use GhostWriter’s insights into third-party content (read: ads) performance to give users of both GhostWriter and Google Analytics highly granular performance measurements. GhostWriter’s hooks allow you to execute…

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GIGO: Garbage In Garbage Out

Since our industry loves acronyms and we have all of this conversation around data, this seems fitting for the new acronym of the month(s). What exactly is GIGO, it’s a term coined in the technology space for a computers ability to process even the most corrupt piece of information and…

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Ben Humphry on Self-Service Ads and The Changing Network Model

Editor's note: Ben Humphry is Head of AdMonsters Professional Services in the UK. Recently he wrote two posts for the APS blog Here to Help. We wanted to share them with you in case you missed them. LinkedIn goes self-serveLinkedIn is the latest publisher to move to a self-serve ad model.…

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AMI Talks About the Need for Advertising Business Management

AMI announced today that they have signed up to use Operative.One. Read the press release.We spoke with AMI about the decision to use an advertising business management provider.Q: Please briefly describe AMI's business and current ad operations organization. Do you have a centralized team that manages the 15 websites or…

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Display is back, but is the impression dead?

I’m back in San Francisco for a few days in between the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (IABALM) and AdMonsters Publisher Forum XIV in Memphis. IABALM is a sea of C-level execs from “all” the top media and technology companies and I ran into a ton of old friends as well…

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