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Solving the Creative Conundrum

In today’s digital advertising world, fast is key. And, as attention spans shorten, webpages load quicker, and clicks become swifter, advertisers are increasingly vying for consumers’ attention at breakneck speeds.  On the sales side, the architecture to buy and sell advertising in a matter of milliseconds is already in place.…

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Know Kawaja, Know LUMAscapes

“I thought it would have jumped the shark by now,” says Terry Kawaja, founder and CEO of LUMA Partners. “But there are 10 of them now, constantly refreshed.” Display, search, video, mobile, social – each of these channels gets its own LUMAscape, a horizontal canvas packed tight with overstuffed banks of…

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Celebrating Our Digital Media Leadership Awards Recipients

Congratulations to the AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Awards Winners!Last night at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Sonoma we announced the winners of our new awards, the AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Awards.We created the awards to recognize outstanding leaders in the digital advertising community – those who help shape the industry…

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Monster In the Mirror: UM’s Mitchell Weinstein

In this week's Monster In the Mirror, we feature ad ops industry leader and OPS Markets 2013 speaker Mitchell Weinstein, senior vice president of ad operations at UM. In between working through the "chaos" that is the ad operations industry, Weinstein keeps a fairly tidy workspace. And, as for work…

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T’s & C’s For Our Decade

At the tail end of last year, the IAB Ad Ops Summit held a 3MS Town Hall Discussion around the implications of viewable impressions. The 3MS defines itself as “a cross-industry coalition committed to developing brand-building digital metrics and cross-platform measurement solutions.” Their major initiative at the moment is viewability,…

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Monster In the Mirror: NPR’s Bryan Moffett

People work in unique and fascinating ways; and, AdMonsters wants to highlight the creative methods that ad-ops professionals use to run their businesses and operations. Called "Monster In the Mirror," each week we showcase how industry leaders work -- from their favorite organizational tools and technologies to their favorite ad-ops…

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