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Celebrating Our Digital Media Leadership Awards Recipients

Congratulations to the AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Awards Winners!Last night at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Sonoma we announced the winners of our new awards, the AdMonsters Digital Media Leadership Awards.We created the awards to recognize outstanding leaders in the digital advertising community – those who help shape the industry…

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T’s & C’s For Our Decade

At the tail end of last year, the IAB Ad Ops Summit held a 3MS Town Hall Discussion around the implications of viewable impressions. The 3MS defines itself as “a cross-industry coalition committed to developing brand-building digital metrics and cross-platform measurement solutions.” Their major initiative at the moment is viewability,…

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Why You Need Post-Impression Tracking (and Why It’s Not Perfect)

In a world where brand advertisers can't rely on clicks to accurately measure the impact of their online display campaigns, a different method of attribution needs to be employed. This is where post-impression tracking comes into play. And this is why advertisers seem to be asking for post-impression tracking more…

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Last Click Must Die! Q&A With Dan Robinson, Artemis Manager, MPG Media Contacts

Prior to joining the panel on multiscreen analytics and attribution at AdMonsters Screens on Monday, Nov. 19, Dan Robinson, Artemis Manager at MPG Media Contacts, joins his colleagues in debating "The Attribution Dilemma" alongside representatives from Google, Adobe and others. Paul Silver, Director & Chief Strategy Officer for ExchangeWire (where Dan…

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