Two Heads Better Than One: Aniview & diDNA Join Forces to Drive Pub Revenue

Innovation is key to the future of ad tech, and by any means necessary. The advertising ecosystem is seeing a ton of changes happening all at once, and with so many adjustments needing to be made, it’s essential to have an excellent team to join forces with to get things done. 

Now we are seeing ad tech companies do the unthinkable, going from being competitors to becoming frenemies but for the greater good.

Aniview and diDNA, an end-to-end video advertising company and an SSP, have collaborated to bring more revenue opportunities to publishers, and the partnership is flourishing so far. 

“I think there is a bigger need for more collaboration than competition,” Gwen Wiscount, CRO of diDNA, explained. “The increase of knowledge share and overall brainpower is more beneficial to both our publishers and Aniview’s publishers alike.”

The two-sided partnership between Aniview and diDNA is one where both companies help to service one another’s publisher partners to retain more revenue. The collaboration started a little over a year ago and speaks to the constant evolution both companies are looking to make. 

The Power of Partnerships

At this point, both companies are fully embedded within each other and communicate regularly. This ongoing partnership allows both companies to provide insight and collaborate to determine the best strategies for addressing new shifts in the industry and product releases in the market. 

Aniview and diDNA cover a large part of the publisher ecosystem, and at the end of the day, working together allows both ad tech companies to stay ahead of the curve. Even more impressive is that their frenemy relationship with one another doesn’t just stop there. diDNA is a top Google MCM partner, and Aniview is welcome to take advantage of this aspect of its business.

“It’s all about the strength of partnerships and the strength of working together versus against each other. Because of the opportunities that both Aniview and diDNA have based upon our different standings with Google and other entities, we’re able to hear new happenings in the ecosystem before things come about,” Wiscount explained. “So with that, we can work on the forefront to prepare for what’s next, which has been extremely helpful.”

The reality is that ad tech companies are equally important to one another, but in some cases, there can be a substantial benefit because of the technical mindsets. diDNA’s partnership with Google allows them to have some of the highest-quality video inventory. Because of that standing and the quality, they also have unique opportunities to beta test various features, functionalities, and tools that are not yet released to the market. This beta testing happens through Aniview. 

When beta testing, both companies keep in mind that it’s for the shared interest in collaborating for the betterment of publishers. This enables them to approach testing from several sides. Transparency is crucial to the success of this relationship.

Should We Expect to See More Frenemies in the Future?

As the ecosystem evolves, we can expect to see more partnerships like these in ad tech. Hopefully, ad tech companies will realize the power of bringing their forces together as a win for publishers and the entire ecosystem. Partnerships like Aniview’s and diDNA’s benefit publishers because it allows them to see the most revenue they can from their inventory. And the two ad tech companies benefit because of their collaboration and the integration of each other’s technologies. 

“A couple of years ago, it was very common to have so many people involved in one transaction, and then there came ads.txt and Sellers json, where they tried to get the least amount of partners possible in that same transaction,” Yael Schuster, VP of marketing at Aniview, explained. “We’ve learned over time that the number of partners is not a matter, but the quality of those partnerships. We don’t see the evolution as just direct relations, but the right relations.”