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Viewability: Publishers’ 20/20 Experience

 Click Here to Download the Report! In 2012, the IAB officially recognized viewable impressions as a viable metric with its 'Making Measurement Make Sense,' or 3MS initiative. Today, viewability occupies the ad ops spotlight, as debates grow both for and against the controversial metric. And, with the discussion on viewable impressions…

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On the Programmatic Road to the New Premium, Part 1: The Efficiency Imperative

“The truth is, digital media is overpriced.”I believe I flinched a bit as the agency executive made that blunt statement. We were chatting in the wake of a heated conference session about viewability, where the chief concern among the publisher quotient had been are agencies really going to pay more…

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This Week In Ad Ops: Ad Quality’s Effect on RTB, Viewability

Starting the Year in Full GearIt’s been another exciting week for the AdMonsters team. The year’s first Publisher Forum in Sonoma is officially sold out. And, with around 150 confirmed participants landing in Northern California March 3 – March 6, Sonoma is sure to kick off this year’s schedule of…

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Viewability’s Impact on Digital Advertising: Q&A With Dr. Douglas de Jager, CEO of Spider.io

The talk du jour is certainly revolving around the seemingly endless issues of ad viewability and how to best measure viewable impressions across various environments. spider.io – a London-based ad tech company – recently announced the launch of the first service to measure i-framed ad viewability across all major browsers.…

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