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What Polar Vortex? DC Mashup Debates Viewability and More

Blizzards, polar vortexes (vortices?) – simply minor obstacles when it comes to bringing ad ops professionals together for deliberation and… Well, what’s deliberation without a little drinking? Even in a place like DC, where two inches of snow shuts down the federal government faster than a budget dispute. (As a friend…

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The Best of AdMonsters 2013

If 2013 must be a "year of something," we probably should call it the year of mobile. According to estimates from eMarketer, U.S. mobile advertising spend more than doubled in 2013 to hit $9.6 billion compared to $4.36 billion in 2012. eMarketer estimates that near-stagnant desktop spend will actually decrease…

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Viewability: Publishers’ 20/20 Experience

 Click Here to Download the Report! In 2012, the IAB officially recognized viewable impressions as a viable metric with its 'Making Measurement Make Sense,' or 3MS initiative. Today, viewability occupies the ad ops spotlight, as debates grow both for and against the controversial metric. And, with the discussion on viewable impressions…

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The Myths Surrounding Viewable Impressions

I have a natural inclination toward pessimism – it’s in my DNA, please don’t judge me. As I began to hear about viewable impressions, my mind started to crank out hypotheticals on how it would “really” work, as opposed to the utopian descriptions and overviews written in trade publications or…

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Visuals on Viewability

The debate over viewability rages on; and, if you've been around AdMonsters lately, you know there are quite a few views on viewable impressions. Our U.S. Editor, Gavin Dunaway, dove into the viewability fray at a viewability panel discussion at Digital Brand Forum in New York a couple weeks ago, where metrics and standardization…

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Ad Visibility: Any Fire Behind the Smoke?

In a year where it’s been pretty much agreed by everyone that nothing of cultural importance is going to happen, we’re going to have to rely on slightly different talking points to keep us interested in a potentially very dull year - and one of these could be Ad Visibility. Ok,…

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