Viewability: Publishers’ 20/20 Experience

Viewable Impressions Whitepaper: Fact Versus Fiction


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In 2012, the IAB officially recognized viewable impressions as a viable metric with its ‘Making Measurement Make Sense,’ or 3MS initiative. Today, viewability occupies the ad ops spotlight, as debates grow both for and against the controversial metric. And, with the discussion on viewable impressions gaining traction, it’s important for ad ops professionals to know the facts and nuances of viewability. 

Acceleration’s newest whitepaper on viewability delves into the world of viewable impressions, discussing some of the intricacies of the evolving world of viewability, while debunking some of the misconceptions surrounding the metric. For instance, viewable impressions are not predictable — the manner in which one web visitor views a webpage may be different than the next, and varying conditions can lead to a wide array of viewability patterns, even if two different campaigns run concurrently. What’s more, a viewable impression is, just that, either viewable or not viewable. Viewability is binary, and that adds a whole new dynamic to today’s lot of online ad impression metrics.

How disruptive is a metric that’s both binary and unpredictable? Read this latest whitepaper for the answer, and to find out just how viewable impressions can be a veritable win for publishers and advertisers alike. 

The latest whitepaper on viewable impressions is now available for download