Publisher Viewability Litmus Test

Viewable Impressions: By the Numbers

Viewabilty has been a big topic at AdMonsters events since the term came onto the scene. When the MRC recently rescinded its advisory against transacting on a viewable basis, we wanted to know how much it would affect publishers right then—and in the future.

We conducted a survey of ad operations leaders at more than 50 publishers about their experiences and garnered their opinions on the state of viewability. Some results echoed what we had heard at various Publisher Forums, while other answers completely surprised us. 

While viewability is hardly taking publishers by surprise – many are already actively testing multiple vendors and taking the necessary steps to improve viewability – the discrepancies surrounding solutions abound.

The MRC’s decision to lift its advisory was met with optimism for the nascent metric, but many publishers saw the move as premature. Buyers’ viewability demand is steadily climbing, yet publishers haven’t seen a huge influx of viewability-based IOs and the baseline percentages vary widely. 

Download the complete Publisher Viewability Litmus Test today for more findings and a clearer look at the current state of viewable impressions, as well as insight into the metric’s undetermined future.