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The Fog of Viewability

“It’s verification all over again!” I smirked on overhearing this statement following an intense discussion on viewability at the Digital Brand Forum in New York City recently. For an ad tech reporter, the verification battles were boon times – there were plenty of digital inches available to sop up the endless…

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The Viewable Impression: An Agency Perspective

The Viewable Impression is all the rage lately.  It’s been blogged about, discussed in private industry meetings, debated on conference panels, and included in client planning decks.  The concept makes perfect sense: eliminate all the wasted impressions, and pay for only those that are in view of the user’s browser.…

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Pricing Implications of Viewable Impressions

I’ve been asked by several publishers what I think about viewable impressions. While there has been lots of press extolling its virtues and equal amounts of questions and concerns about the implications, there hasn’t been a realistic discussion of how to manage the pricing of viewable impressions (VI). A core selling…

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