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Battling the Rising Mobile Ad Blockers: Q&A With Blockthrough’s CEO Marty Krátký-Katz

Ad blocking may have dwindled on desktop, but users are massively taking up arms on mobile. AdMonsters spoke with Marty Krátký-Katz, Co-Founder & CEO of ad-block monetization platform Blockthrough, about the findings from his company's new 2020 PageFair Adblock Report and how publishers should best wage war against this monumental…

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T/V Ad Loads and Clutter: Emerging Ad Models Address Consumer Ad Avoidance

Digital TV Research said global revenue from AVOD distribution will nearly triple from $21.9 billion in 2018 to around $56 billion by 2024. The big question: as sea-levels of ads rise and flood the media ecosystem, will anyone actually view or give their attention to ads? “The Advertising Industry Has…

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Understanding AI’s Potential in Digital Media

Science fiction turns fact—the term artificial intelligence seems ubiquitous at the moment, whether it’s marketing technology firms boasting about superior processing power for campaign personalization or the coming singularity and robot apocalypse.Those of us in the trenches of the digital advertising world have become immune to the lure of buzzwords,…

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