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Digging Deeper Into Google’s Privacy Sandbox With Michael Zacharski, CEO of EMX

To gain a better understanding of Google's Privacy Sandbox, we spoke with Michael Zacharski, CEO Engine Technology & EMX Digital, who believes that Google's Privacy Sandbox won't drastically hurt digital advertising and its efficiency against other advertising mediums and that this will initiate positive actions that will build a trustworthy…

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What is Google’s Privacy Sandbox?

As the clock ticks on the two-year expiration of the third-party tracking cookie, the advertising industry wonders how advertising tracking and measurement will work. Google has proposed a plan called the Privacy Sandbox, a series of APIs intended to provide users with privacy while ensuring that programmatic will continue to…

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Unified IDs Up, Cookies Down: Q&A With Index Exchange

The industry doesn’t need a direct replacement for the third-party tracking cookie, and there are already a variety of solutions out there to take its place without mentioning Google’s budding privacy sandbox. To dive further into the many identification options circling around the industry, I caught up with one of…

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