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MRAID: A New Frontier for In-App Advertising

OMG – Have you been MRAIDed?  Sound scary? It’s not. MRAID represents a new frontier for in-app mobile advertising, especially in-app video ads.  Just want I need: another freakin’ acronym. Yeah, we’re all pretty much acroynm’ed out, but this is less about the acronym and more about what it does for us. MRAID…

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De-fragmenting RTB and the Challenges Facing Ad Servers in 2012: Q&A With OPS Markets Speaker Sean Harvey, Business Product Manager, Google DoubleClick

At OPS Markets London on Thursday, Feb. 9, Sean Harvey, Business Product Manager for Google DoubleClick, will speak toward the "Audience Opportunity," or how the sell-side can get a leg up in the bustling data trade. In this exclusive Q&A with AdMonsters, he tackles ad servers' biggest challenges at the moment,…

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Facebook Testing Mobile Rich Media Ads

There was a fair deal of relief spread around following the announcement of Facebook's IPO yesterday. First off, investors who had been dying to get their hands on a piece of the social network's business knew their time haunting the secondary markets was almost over. But even bigger, so much…

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MMA Aids Developers With Privacy Policy Framework

The Mobile Marketing Association has issued the final version of its Mobile Application Privacy Policy Framework to assist mobile app developers and publishers in writing privacy policies and informing users about data collection and usage. Developed by the Privacy & Advocacy Committee (co-chaired by Alan Chapell, President of Chapell &…

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TV Everywhere: Streaming the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of my favorite events of the year, no matter who is playing for the Vince Lombardi trophy. It's simply a great time to catch up with old friends while over-indulging in fattening foods and alcoholic beverages. This year all my buds will gather around my 13-inch…

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Building Trust: Resolving Mobile Analytics Discrepancies

 Following years of unfulfilled hype, mobile is now undeniably becoming a staple of mainstream media consumption, spurred for the main part by the success of the iOS and Android ecosystems. However, despite rapid advancements in mobile Internet usage, advertising revenues for the medium severely lag behind that of other digital…

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