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99 Problems, and the GIF is Still One

We’ve got way more than 99 problems in digital advertising, and unfortunately, the .gif is still one. You’ve seen them: the lackluster, unanimated .gifs that crop up in place of shiny, fancy rich media (Flash) creative on your finicky, non-flash enabled devices. As these devices – let’s be honest, most…

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Turning Big Data into Big Analytics

The press has lately been wall to wall with revelations about the emergent ‘data economy.’ True, we have the means to collect a wide variety of data from a variety of consumers in every industry, but that alone isn’t enough to spurn a data ‘revolution.’ Numbers alone are just numbers.…

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How Consumers Are Driving a New Acceptance of Mobile Advertising

Anyone who has been working in mobile advertising for any significant amount of time could easily count enough ‘revolutions,’ ‘Year(s) of Mobile,’ or 2.0 moments to need both hands. For the most part, these innovations and moments have resulted in stunning capabilities but very little ROI growth. This is because…

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Zeebox: Promoting the Second Screen

Ernesto Schmitt is co-founder and CEO of social TV app company Zeebox. It launched in October last year and in January reported it had 250,000 users. In the same month it sold a 10% stake to BSkyB.The first thing I asked Schmitt was what he thinks are the key opportunities…

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The days of the desktop internet are almost over

The days of the desktop internet are almost over.The writing was on the wall back in 2010 when smartphone sales first overtook those of PCs; when Morgan Stanley predicted that mobile search would overtake desktop search by 2013; and when Apple first unveiled the iPad. Since then the trends that…

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