Turn Go Mobile Friendly – a Q&A with Pierre Naggar, Turn MD EU

Turn announces mobile upgrades - read more here.

Turn has recently updated its cloud marketing platform to encompass more mobile friendly features. What can you tell us about these updates?

Turn has just expanded the cross-channel capabilities of its Cloud Marketing Platform with the introduction of new mobile advertising features and it’s a really exciting development for the industry.

The Turn Campaign Suite now has support for MMA Universal Mobile Ad Packages and the most common IAB mobile ad units on smart phones and tablets available across Europe.
  Mobile audiences can now be targeted by non-personally identifiable device attributes such as type, manufacturer, model, and operating system and by other traits such as title of mobile apps; content of mobile websites; connection speed and carrier by region. We’ve also built in geography with optional geo-fencing.

Our algorithms for mobile advertising leverage Turn’s seven years of expertise in digital campaign optimisation and provide access to more than 30 billion monthly global impressions from mobile apps and websites, through partnerships with leading inventory providers such as Nexage, Admeld, MobClix and AppNexus.

Why are these updates so important?

There are two reasons. Consumers are interacting with brands from mobile devices, so we wanted to extend our market-leading targeting capabilities to these devices. The other reason is customers rely on us to provide a single dashboard from which they can direct all of their advertising channels.

With the addition of mobile, we can now provide robust support for video and display, as well as a ‘big-picture’ holistic cross-channel view.  

How do these changes and updates assist in ROI for the marketer?

With these new mobile capabilities, we’re letting marketers have conversations with their customers on the go and we are helping them understand how their mobile advertising activity influences their other advertising channels. These capabilities translate into increased ROI and better message effectiveness for the marketer.  

Mobile is a great medium for targeting the user – what sort of data is Turn able to deliver to the marketer and how should they be digesting and utilising this for maximum impact?

Turn is not a data provider, but we integrate different data such as campaign data, contextual and first and third party data from different sources in an anonymous and EU privacy compliant way. Not all the data that you normally use within other channels like display and video can be used today in the Mobile environment especially within apps, which is why we have developed these targeting features. Turn algorithm is designed to take into account all these data points to deliver the best possible results for the advertisers.

It has been ‘the year of mobile’ for nearly a decade now but the monetisation of the medium has lagged behind its popularity.

Why do you think this is and what is blocking things from catching up?

In 2012, the audience on the mobile device is finally there in size such that advertisers can no longer afford to view mobile as an ‘add on’. Consumers are literally moving away from other forms of media such as printed books and television and replacing them with digital equivalents on tablets and mobile phones. We are in the midst of a profound shift in the way media is consumed and Europeans are very active on their mobiles.

Additionally, smart phones, browsers and the other components of the mobile ecosystems are finally ready for advertising, so the content owners are seeing success in monetisation. Word of this success is spreading, which encourages more content to be brought online. Eventually, we reach critical mass.

What other innovations are Turn currently working on in the mobile and tablet space?

We just announced a raft of groundbreaking features and already you want more!?! In all seriousness, we’re not ready to announce anything more just yet, but we see mobile as a core component of the future of our platform and plan regular updates and innovations in this area. It’s an exciting time for Turn and for our industry in general. 

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