MMA Aids Developers With Privacy Policy Framework

The Mobile Marketing Association has issued the final version of its Mobile Application Privacy Policy Framework to assist mobile app developers and publishers in writing privacy policies and informing users about data collection and usage. Developed by the Privacy & Advocacy Committee (co-chaired by Alan Chapell, President of Chapell & Associates, and Fran Maier, President of TRUSTe), the framework is the first in a series of privacy guidelines that the MMA is cooking up.

The nine-page document is a handy template for kicking off the privacy policy authoring process. It contains suggested “consumer-friendly” language and methods for informing users how data is being collected and used by an app, as well as guidance on data security and ensuring confidentiality. In addition, there’s a section on compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Regarding data collection and advertising practices, the document says developers should be aware of all the mobile ad networks and third parties they are working with. Noting that the mobile ecosystem is experimenting with a variety of opt-out mechanisms, the policy encourages further developer community participation.

“Our guidelines offer developers the foundation from which to craft a document that reflects the privacy practices of each of their apps and helps them stay in compliance with applicable law and industry standards,” said Chapell. “We urge app developers to consult with their legal counsel when adapting these guidelines for their purposes.”