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Advertising Transformed: The Publisher’s Dilemma

Editor's note: This is part one of a two part post.The expanding online advertising market presents publishers with substantial opportunities for dramatic revenue growth. It also presents significant challenges that will require publishers to transform their advertising operations in order to capture the full revenue potential. With the right strategy,…

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I recently spoke to the Yieldex Summit about areas for return on investment within organizations and thought I'd share some of the take aways.  Theres a lot of competition in the market, as our 'industry's favorite slide' keeps demonstrating.  The dramatic evolution in the ad technology and systems space is…

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Improve Digital publishes first ‘market map’ of European online display advertising industry

Publishers struggling to tell their ad networks from their ad exchanges and their DSPs from their agency trading desks have a new tool to help them keep pace with the sub-sectors of the online advertising world.  In response to frequent customer requests, Improve Digital (the largest European sell side platform,…

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