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Unified IDs Up, Cookies Down: Q&A With Index Exchange

The industry doesn’t need a direct replacement for the third-party tracking cookie, and there are already a variety of solutions out there to take its place without mentioning Google’s budding privacy sandbox. To dive further into the many identification options circling around the industry, I caught up with one of…

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Last Click Must Die! Q&A With Dan Robinson, Artemis Manager, MPG Media Contacts

Prior to joining the panel on multiscreen analytics and attribution at AdMonsters Screens on Monday, Nov. 19, Dan Robinson, Artemis Manager at MPG Media Contacts, joins his colleagues in debating "The Attribution Dilemma" alongside representatives from Google, Adobe and others. Paul Silver, Director & Chief Strategy Officer for ExchangeWire (where Dan…

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Visual IQ Speaks TrueAttribution: Q&A With Manu Mathew, CEO and Cofounder

 With an increasingly fragmented media landscape (both digital and non-), partnering media-mix modeling and attribution would seem quite advantageous for marketers – hence why it's at the center of version 2.0 of Visual IQ's TrueAttribution technology, which powers the IQ Envoy product suite. Visual IQ Cofounder and CEO Manu Mathew took…

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Attributes of Attribution: Q&A With Paul Pellman, CEO, Adometry

 It's generally sunk in that the last click shouldn't be getting all the conversion credit – as digital spend increases, advertisers are yearning for a better understanding of multichannel campaign performance. Properly assigning credit to various ad types has proved to be a task, but one that companies like Adometry –…

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