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Balancing Ad Ops in Unstable Times

Current conditions are presenting publishers with a unique conundrum. There are huge traffic spikes offering an opportunity to super-size digital media monetization. But to harness it, they must first tackle the COVID-19 disruption to advertising budgets and their internal resources. We spoke with Ivan Ivanov, COO, PubGalaxy, about what publishers…

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Your Outsourcing Partner Could Be Key to Managing Business Continuity: Q&A With MediaMint’s Jason Riback

In the midst of a pandemic, it’s not like ad operations can just come to a complete halt—even if ad spend continues its downward spiral. Publishers still have to be prepared for the future, because one day—somewhere in the not-so-far-away future—business will once again ramp up. We spoke with MediaMint’s…

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Derek Gatts Is Flexing Ad Product’s Creative Muscle at CNN

In his first 90 days, Derek Gatts, CNN's new Advertising Product, Innovation, Technology & Operations Leader has already embraced some of the key differences in his new organization. “A lot of the change was the transition from overseeing several different functions that could all work together under one mandate to…

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Lessons From TV: Viewable Impressions and Contract Guarantees

The frustrations of the world of digital media operations are many, though assumptions about its preeminent position for highly qualitative and accountable messaging are rarely questioned.  Yet if the digital world is so great with respect to accountable and qualitative measurement, why do we have so many issues compared to…

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Bringing Home the Bacon: AdMonsters 2012 Publisher Salary Survey

It’s the time of year again! For seven years, AdMonsters has surveyed the publisher ad operations community to find out what people are getting paid. Many Monsters have found this an essential guide to make sure members of their departments (and themselves!) are getting fair compensation.This survey culled quite a…

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Q&A: Evolving Technology in the Fast-Moving Space of Ad Operations

With our AdMonsters Sydney event fast approaching, we were fortunate to snag an interview with Ashraf Montaser, cofounder of Adinfinity, an Australian startup that specialises in building innovative solutions that are redefining the leading edge of publisher ad technologies. At AdMonsters Sydney, Ashraf will be leading a session on the importance of…

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Online Display Advertising Solved! Ad Operations Teams Rejoice!

The advertising world rejoiced today with the announcement that the complexity of buying and selling online advertising had been solved. The company X, formerly known as The Doubleyieldmeldmatictail Project, has been working secretly for months with a select group of agencies and publishers to beta test their products, BUD (Buy…

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A Member’s Takeaways From the Publisher Forum

Editor's Note: Scott Savage's post originally appeared on his blog: scottsavage.net. This week I attended the AdMonsters cn-us-22 conference in New York Metro. It was my first Admonsters conference, and was very interesting mainly from publisher, pain point, mobile and industry landscape perspectives.The key observations that I had were: No-one…

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