Bringing Home the Bacon: AdMonsters 2012 Publisher Salary Survey

How does your salary stack up?

It’s the time of year again! For seven years, AdMonsters has surveyed the publisher ad operations community to find out what people are getting paid. Many Monsters have found this an essential guide to make sure members of their departments (and themselves!) are getting fair compensation.

This survey culled quite a bit of data, covering everything from vacation days to bonuses. Here is but a small sample of the 16 page document to whet your appetite:

80.8% of those surveyed are eligible to receive a bonus, while 19.2% reported that they are not. This is an important statistic, because we found that 16.25% of total salary for those lucky eligible people comes from the bonus (assuming full bonus is achieved).

Five states had a high number of respondents: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington. Among these states, those who live in California have the highest total salary, with Massachusetts a close second. In fact, those living in California make about $10,000 more than those living in NYC (those in MA make about $6,000 more). Good luck with that cost of living…

We also found that those who attended AdMonsters events have an 8.4% higher base salary than those who don’t. Including bonus, we found that Monsters received an average total salary $9,532 higher than their non-Monster counterparts.

Graph 3

Coincidence? We think not.

To access the full report, become an AdMonsters Member! Your membership will allow you full access to the salary survey, including valuable statistics such as average salary by title and average total bonus by title. If you’d like to see where you fall, become a member today!