Q&A: Evolving Technology in the Fast-Moving Space of Ad Operations

Where Ops Meets Tech: Ashraf Montaser

With our AdMonsters Sydney event fast approaching, we were fortunate to snag an interview with Ashraf Montaser, cofounder of Adinfinity, an Australian startup that specialises in building innovative solutions that are redefining the leading edge of publisher ad technologies. At AdMonsters Sydney, Ashraf will be leading a session on the importance of technological innovation in advertising operations, so we decided to get a sneak peek at his presentation with this Q&A session.


How did you get into ad operations?

I started out as a Program Manager at ninemsn, Here I was charged with rebuilding the entire ad serving infrastructure as well as the commercial platforms. It was so interesting, I simply carried on doing it.


What level of importance do you place on technology creating operational efficiencies in a digital business?

It is of fundamental importance, it’s business critical to ensure the right technologies are in place. Technology’s purpose in ad operations is simple: to enable the easy fulfilment of business objectives and to maintain and innovate within a company – effectively and efficiently.


What particular sector of ad operations do you see being affected the most by technological innovations?


Everywhere. Technology is becoming faster, better and cheaper all the time. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of data collection and decision making, but it has a place in every aspect of ad ops and should be used and applied ubiquitously.


When do you think the growth of digital will become scaleable?

All the building blocks are there now. What is missing is the mortar that binds it together. Namely, easy integration and industry standards for communicating between the systems and measuring consistently.


Why do you think ad ops is such a fascinating space?

Ad Operations drives the commercials behind the internet and this is what makes the internet available to everyone. Like the internet it is constantly growing, changing, evolving and improving. The shear breadth of disciplines ad ops incorporates is fascinating. There is never a dull moment and I cannot think of a more interesting industry to be in.


What are your thoughts on the AdMonsters community and the events we put on?


Ad Ops has reached a critical mass. It is fundamentally important to all online businesses. Unfortunately though, it is often overlooked and ad ops miss the opportunity to have the impact they should have in many businesses.


AdMonsters is a great forum to share knowledge, form relationships and find a combined identity that has a greater voice in the industry and internet organisations.


This exclusive interview with Ashraf Montaser, Cofounder of Adinfinity, is brought to you by AdMonsters Sydney. AdMonsters Sydney connects Australia’s leaders in the online advertising space, and in doing so give our participants the tools, knowledge, and know-how to advance their careers and their company’s fortunes – and of course to enjoy themselves while doing so. 

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