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Ops 2017: Have Ops Pros Become Storytellers?

If you bother Gavin, Brian and I while we’re in the throes of preparing for the day-and-a-half military precision exercise that is Ops, we’re going to complain about the number of speakers to wrangle and calls to make. I mean with 40+ sessions and the 70+ speakers, it’s a bit…

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AdMonsters Playbook: Cross-Channel Data

As consumers of digital media, the connected device revolution has been a wonder, giving users the ability to experience the entire Internet virtually whenever, wherever and on whatever they choose. For digital publishers, it's been a bit more of a pain. Publisher audiences are consuming content on a wealth of…

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First-Party Data Playbook

First-party data raises a huge set of questions for publishers. Some of those questions publishers know they really should ask. Some are questions they hadn't even thought to ask yet. Our latest playbook gets to the answers publishers need to understand and utilize their first-party data, regardless of whether they…

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The Off-Site Plan: Segmenting Audiences For Extension

First-party data is oil of the digital media landscape. While all kinds of publishers can claim it, the refinement process, not the drilling, makes the big bucks. Fortunately, technology has improved publishers’ refining abilities, not just in driving revenue from first-party data through on-site advertising as well as selling data to…

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Relieving Paperwork Pain: Tips for T&C Negotiation

To my knowledge no one goes into ad operations to practice law. It was certainly the last thing on my mind when I started back in 1999, but I quickly found myself having to navigate T&Cs, IOs and the occasional client-signed PowerPoint slide printout. As if that wasn’t tough enough,…

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The AdMonsters’ Publisher DMP Evaluation Playbook

Media buyers increasingly want to target specific audiences, and are using technologies that evaluate and buy impressions based on audience data. In an advertising environment increasily based on audience segments, DMPs or data management platforms, have become an integral tool in helping publishers truly understand the value of their audiences. Publishers…

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