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PubForum Scottsdale: Startup Showdown

Typically during the November Publisher Forum, we ask attendees to come up with an ad tech startup that would solve a particular issue that's driving them nuts. You can bet this is an interesting portal into ad ops' biggest—while some fake companies address novel up-and-coming challenges, others elicit an appalled…

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What Are the Use Cases for Log-Level Data?

The programmatic black box has opened. Ad platforms are beginning to make their log-level data available in the hopes of satiating industry hunger for transparency. Once considered the “data exhaust” of the industry, log-level data (LLD) has been positioned more recently as a remedy for many of programmatic’s woes. LLD…

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What Is App-Ads.Txt?

On the surface, app-ads.txt is similar to that of its companion spec, ads.txt. In the case of ads.txt, web publishers upload a list of resellers who are authorized to sell their inventory on their domain. That list can then be crawled by advertisers to ensure they only buy from legitimate…

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What Is RTB Auction Manipulation?

If anything, the last few years of programmatic have demonstrated just how vulnerable the real-time bidding environment is to subtle, behind-the-scenes changes that can distort campaign performance, create discrepancies in reported data, and ultimately waste ad dollars.

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What Are Sellers.json and Supplychain Object?

To move the industry towards a more transparent future, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has been hard at work releasing specifications that help shed light on the programmatic buying and selling of ads. In 2017 it was ads.txt. This year, it’s sellers.json and supplychain object. But the question is, what exactly…

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ADM-NL-20190314-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters March 14, 2019   Building Community Trust and Leadership Blavity Inc. Breaks the Media Mold At a time when the media is regularly under a litany of changes, publishing powerhouse and entrepreneurial advisor, Morgan DeBaun, CEO & Founder Blavity Inc. is moving full steam ahead. Blavity Inc. is her…

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ADM-NL-20190307-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters March 7, 2019   Surviving the GDPR/CCPA Squeeze: Sourcepoint's Ben Barokas on CMPs and Regulatory Compliance Such is the publisher’s lot—as soon as you start feeling confident you’ve covered your bases on GDPR, you're trying to prepare for whatever the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will look like (it’s…

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AdMonsters February 28, 2019   Drive Revenue With The Power Of Personalized Email: A Conversation With Powerinbox’s Jeff Kupietzky We’ve been hearing about the death of email for a really long time now. But that’s not the case, says Jeff Kupietzky, CEO at PowerInbox, which brings publishers and advertisers together…

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