March 14, 2019
Building Community Trust and Leadership Blavity Inc. Breaks the Media Mold
At a time when the media is regularly under a litany of changes, publishing powerhouse and entrepreneurial advisor, Morgan DeBaun, CEO & Founder Blavity Inc. is moving full steam ahead. Blavity Inc. is her venture-backed new media company, home to the largest network of brands specifically serving black millennials through original content, video, conferences, events and other unique experiences. During her keynote at Ops 2019 in New York on Tuesday, June 4, DeBaun will share her insights on the impact that community and culture have on advertising in the publishing industry. Read more.
8 Fun (and Sometimes Scary) Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ad Ops
People in ad ops have a clever way of making sense of their jobs through a pop cultural lens. Here are eight things you probably didn't know about ad ops told through gifs at Pub Forum Miami. These often hilarious (and sometimes scary) ideas were brainstormed in a lab at the Forum when groups of first-timers came together in workgroups to talk about how to simplify the revenue world by matching it up with our favorite movies, songs, actors, etc. Read more.
AdMonsters 2019 Catalyst Awards Nominations Open
AdMonsters seeks nominations for the inaugural Catalyst Awards, honoring the best and brightest in the field! Digital advertising is the fastest growing marketing channel, spurred by rapid advances in technology. It takes people who can think fast on their feet to keep up with the changes and challenges in the field; those who find solutions that not only keep up with the pace but who can stay one step ahead. That’s why AdMonsters wants you to help us find the innovators—the catalysts—in digital media and advertising! Those in the field whom we admire and who inspire us. Read more.
Top Stories
“Winter is coming.” - Ned Stark, House of Stark If you’re a GOT fan like I’m becoming, you know that’s the motto for House of Stark and it’s issued as a warning or a heads up that the House needs to get itself prepared—both literally and figuratively. In essence, it’s a time of unknowing. Sounds a lot like how the Ad Ops industry must feel as folks deal with the E.U.’s GDPR and gear up to deal with CCPA. Unfortunately, being GDPR compliant won’t necessarily mean being CCPA compliant. Also, it won’t be enough to just have systems in place to comply with CCPA and not continue to ensure that users’ data remains safe. Read more.
Such is the publisher’s lot—as soon as you start feeling confident you’ve covered your bases on GDPR, you're trying to prepare for whatever the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will look like (it’s still being revised). But are your bases really covered on GDPR—considering that the European Data Protection Authorities… Read more.
Pchain—not to be confused with rapper 2 Chainz or PCHAIN, the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)—is sort of like ads.txt for the buy side. It's a system based on the TAG PaymentID that gives buyers insight into transaction history, alerting them to bad actors in the ecosystem and helps to prevent them from winning future campaigns. Read more.
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