8 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Ad Ops

Publisher Forum is the place where folks in ad ops come to learn more about the field and to connect with others in the field. If you didn’t already know, one of the first things to happen at every Publisher Forum is the opportunity for all of the noobs to get to know one another. We bring together groups of folks based on their interests, positions or their companies to become better acquainted with one another and to take part in whatever workgroup activity we’ve put together to help break the ice.

At Miami Pub Forum, we asked everyone to use pop culture as a lens to guide them through the world that we call advertising operations. We asked attendees to simplify the revenue world by matching it up with their favorite movies, songs, actors, etc. For instance, “If ad ops was a comic-book character, it would be:” Answers ran the gamut from Wonder Woman to Robin to Nick Fury and more. For a bonus round, we asked the groups to come up with their own. Let’s just say that judging by some of the submission, the world of advertising operations is as beautifully creative as it is horribly terrifying.

Here are 8 Fun (and Sometimes Scary) Things About Ad Ops You Probably Didn’t Know:

1. If Ad Ops Was a Song


Started From the Bottom


Now We’re Here

2. What Movie Soundtrack Goes Best With a Sales Meeting?





Curb Your Enthusiasm

3. If Conversion Attribution Was a Song?

giphy (1)

Cry Me a River

4. If Client Services & Account Management Launched a Podcast or Alexa Skill It Would Be Called?


Juggling Knives

5. If Ops Relationship With the Rest of the Company Was a Rom-Com?


A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

6. Who Would be the Ideal Celeb Ad Ops Candidate?


Dwight Schrute in an Ironman Suit

7. If Ad Ops Was a Festival Which Festival Would It Be?

giphy (2)

Fyre Festival

8. If AdMonsters Was a Movie?

giphy (3)