PubForum Scottsdale: Startup Showdown

For those who have not been blessed with attending a Publisher Forum, we put the attendees to work right from the start. After breaking the attendees into interest groups based on answers in a pre-event survey, we encourage each to flex their creative muscles with a “fun” activity.

Typically during the November Publisher Forum, we ask attendees to come up with an ad tech startup that would solve a particular issue that’s driving them nuts. You can bet this is an interesting portal into ad ops’ biggest—while some fake companies address novel up-and-coming challenges, others elicit an appalled “Wait, that hasn’t been fixed? After all this time?!?”

Scottsdale in Nov. 2019 was no exception—startups in our showdown ran the gamut from clever Google Ad Manager extensions to holistic tools for consent management and privacy regulation compliance, to quite an effective application of AI in the sales process. Check them out yourself:


TAGLINE: Do less with so much more!

DESCRIPTION: No more wasting impressions—have your client’s numbers match yours.



COMPANY: Measure This!

TAGLINE: Measurement systems tailored to your business needs.

DESCRIPTION: Unifying pre- and post-sales measurement process to provide insights.


COMPANY: You Sold What?!?

TAGLINE: Turning sales dreams into ad ops reality.

DESCRIPTION: Uses AI and algorithms to translate sales pitches into current OMS product codes.

SPOKESPERSON: Luther, Obama’s anger translator.

COMPANY: Clockwise

TAGLINE: Stop burning the candle at both ends.

DESCRIPTION: Project management tool to  manage all the ad ops tasks + ads.txt, CCPA, etc.




DESCRIPTION: An integration with GAM to automate screenshots, including timestamps and device info. Battles false shots!


COMPANY: Tranzact Now!

TAGLINE: Dude, where’s my deal?

DESCRIPTION: Plug-in for GAM to troubleshoot PMP/programmatic guaranteed issues.

SPOKESPERSON: Ashton Kutcher (sorry, Seann William Scott).


TAGLINE: Privacy compliance all in one place.

DESCRIPTION: Single ad tech tool that assesses creative for up-to-date privacy framework across publisher/SSP/DSP networks.


COMPANY: Consent, Data & Beyond

TAGLINE: CCPA Data Protection + Compliance

DESCRIPTION: Consent flag management and dissemination internally & downstream.