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What Is Supply Path Optimization (SPO) in Mobile?

SPO in mobile has an additional level of complexity compared to web, because ads on mobile devices are facilitated mostly through software development kits (SDKs) – and understanding the type of SDK connection can have meaningful implications to that path optimization.

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🌯 Is Ad Tech Shifty Business?

May 09, 2022 Ad Tech Vendors Caught in the Gannett Web Streaming Ad Spend on the up and up Conde Nast Sees Major Highs Did Ad Tech Firms Turn a Blind Eye To Gannett Funny Biz? Remember back in March, when we reported on Gannett providing advertisers with inaccurate information…

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ADM-NL-20220421-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters April 21, 2022   IAB Tech Lab's Ads.txt Update Illuminates the Supply Path: Q&A With VP, Product Shailley Singh This week, we were presented with a major IAB Tech Lab ads.txt update as they announced two new values for publishers to add to their ads.txt files, and both have…

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AdMonsters February 23, 2022   Why Capitalizing on User Experience Is Key to a Sustainable Video & Revenue Growth Strategy With steady increases in consumer streaming hours, creating engaging video content that excites and delights users and doesn’t interrupt their experience is paramount. Johanna Bergqvist, VP of Strategic Partnerships, talked…

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AdMonsters February 13, 2022   How Publishers Balance Ad Revenue With Ad Quality Programmatic is often a blackbox; publishers have no idea which ads will appear on their sites ahead of time, often because the exchanges themselves don’t know which ads flow through their pipes. Without transparency and complete control,…

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PubForum Spotlight: The Truth About Ads.txt

If you're running programmatic advertising, and almost everyone is, you have an ads.txt file in place on your website and it is likely something you update at least from time to time. But do you really understand the mechanics behind the file and what you as a publisher should be…

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Best Practices for Ensuring High-Quality Inventory & Ads

We’ve all heard the stories about ad placements that make brand managers cringe: ads for respectable brands appearing in terrorist recruitment videos, and the like. Obviously, marketers want to avoid such placements. But that’s just a start. In an ideal world, your ad will be seen by real people alongside…

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A Publisher’s Guide to Supply Path Optimizations: A Case Study

Supply Path Optimization (SPO), aka finding the most direct route to a publisher’s inventory, sounds like an activity that’s best left to the world’s DSPs. After all, they’re the ones with the AI-powered algorithms that focus on winning ad placements for advertisers. SPO actually requires teamwork amongst all parties, especially those…

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