What Are the Use Cases for Log-Level Data?

The programmatic black box has opened. Ad platforms are beginning to make their log-level data available in the hopes of satiating industry hunger for transparency. Once considered the “data exhaust” of the industry, log-level data (LLD) has been positioned more recently as a remedy for many of programmatic’s woes. LLD…

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What Is App-Ads.Txt?

On the surface, app-ads.txt is similar to that of its companion spec, ads.txt. In the case of ads.txt, web publishers upload a list of resellers who are authorized to sell their inventory on their domain. That list can then be crawled by advertisers to ensure they only buy from legitimate…

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What Is RTB Auction Manipulation?

If anything, the last few years of programmatic have demonstrated just how vulnerable the real-time bidding environment is to subtle, behind-the-scenes changes that can distort campaign performance, create discrepancies in reported data, and ultimately waste ad dollars.

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