Programmatic Won… By Default?

A few weeks ago the fine people at Marfeel—we recently collaborated on a great playbook about mastering the mobile web—asked me to moderate a panel filled with interesting folks from the likes of, Amnet, Global, and Leaf Group. But what really intrigued me was the proposed title of this panel: “Programmatic Won… Now What?”

My first thought was, “Programmatic seems to have won by default—guaranteed spend has pretty much dried up, so the main way publishers can drive revenue is through programmatic, namely the open exchange.” (Chatting with the panelists, I learned that guaranteed spend was still flowing in some channels.)

So I focused a lot of the talk on how the programmatic ecosystem was adjusting in the pandemic fallout, especially with The Trade Desk’s demand that exchanges and SSPs de-dupe auctions, and how it was going to look after we weathered this crisis (whenever that may be). Of course, we couldn’t talk about the latter without discussing the future of targeting and measuring with the cookie out the door.

The resulting conversation was quite consuming, with a great deal of divergent opinions. I strongly suggest you watch (or listen in) to the entire talk—Marfeel just asks you to share an email to view.

And take a look at our Playbook with Marfeel, “Mastering the Mobile Web.” You’ll find crucial information on mobile website performance, monetization optimization through server-side header bidding, and speedy ad-loading. It’s only some PII and a download away…