Tubi Becomes First CTV Pub to Implement UID 2.0

The Google third-party cookie crackdown might be on pause, but that’s not stopping pubs from testing likely alternatives.

Fox Entertainment owned, ad-supported video-on-demand service, Tubi now joins a growing list of publishers supporting Unified ID 2.0 as “the first CTV publisher to implement Unified ID 2.0 to solve for the future of identity.”

Tim Sims, Chief Revenue Officer of The Trade Desk, the company that developed the technology, said, “Unified ID 2.0 is a collaboration among everyone within the advertising ecosystem to pioneer an interoperable, soon-to-be open-source ID solution that helps advertisers connect with audiences while keeping consumer control and privacy in mind.”

For the Trade Desk, Google’s latest announcement to delay its cookie plans has been bittersweet. TTD’s stock rose 16% upon the news and the ad tech company now has more runway to perfect its cookieless solution. But since Google still holds massive weight in driving the direction that the industry will travel, this could ultimately signal bad times for TTD.

The really good news here is that Tubi will start sending identities into the bidstream, making user data under UID 2.0 a lot more useful. But will brands find more scale across their targeted audiences? That is, at least for all parties involved, the ultimate goal.

Tubi is already working with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution to create addressable audiences that are more appealing to advertisers, while also providing their own audience with more relevant advertising. “Addressability has always been important functionality,” says Tubi’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Rotblat.

But the question still remains, will digital publishers follow suit — or will they continue to just wait and see?