AdMonsters Playbook: Mastering the Mobile Web

By Gavin Dunaway June 17, 2020

A mobile web monetization strategy is definitely not plug-and-play—it’s not even as simple as prioritizing demand partners in the header or setting up a clever flooring scheme.

Mobile monetization strategies are about the bigger picture—a coordinated effort around several distinct digital publishing areas that ensure both better user experience and optimal monetization. Better site performance means increased pageviews, equaling more impressions and ultimately higher revenue.

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Marfeel is a publisher platform that optimizes the traffic, engagement, and monetization of publishers’ mobile websites.

This playbook, created in partnership with Marfeel, will dive into the nuances of each of the areas mentioned above, illustrate how they are interconnected, and assist you in making your mobile web performance the best it can be. Fill out the form below to download your copy now!