AdMonsters Playbook: Combining Location-Based Context and Programmatic Scale

By Gavin Dunaway March 28, 2019

Does “location-based advertising” automatically make you think of geofencing? If so, congratulations—you’ve made it to the cutting edge of 2010!

Truth is, there’s much more to location than pushing a half-off coupon to a mobile consumer when they’re near their favorite chain coffee shop. Location-based advertising in 2019 is about analyzing a wide set of mobile data over extended periods of time in order to better understand individuals and audiences—and, most of all, it’s about delivering robust contextual and personalized experiences to consumers—every screen, every time.

The data that advertisers and marketers can access when mobile consumers grant them permission to see location-focused device information allows them to unlock insights about those users’ preferences, passions, and patterns of behavior. These insights mean brands and marketers can then build relationships with defined, segmented audiences… discovering new customers, separating signal from noise, seeing the bigger picture that reveals new prospects who are likely to love the goods and services and identify the advertiser as a new favorite brand.

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At the same time, the programmatic space has greatly evolved to bring this quest for personalization and context to the scale that competitive advertisers require. Programmatic, however, all too often associated with a fraud-filled cookie-hunting ground full of remnant inventory, has required a great deal of refinement and effort—but it’s safe to say that, in 2019, a premium-class programmatic experience exists. Newer approaches, including private marketplaces and programmatic guaranteed, now offer advertisers and publishers brand safety, control, and transparency.

Meanwhile, location-technology partners that can assess, score, and cleanse the second- and third-party data that has contributed to programmatic’s historically shaky reputation are now building the future in new and innovative ways for advertisers, publishers, and marketers. The ecosystem has evolved. The time for bringing location and programmatic into fresh focus as the premium go-forward approach for all has arrived.

This playbook is for publishers, brands, and marketers who are looking for a snapshot of how location and programmatic fit together to create market-changing, consumer-forward approaches. In addition to helping publishers and advertisers understand the nuances of location data, this playbook represents a guide to the workings of private marketplaces and programmatic guaranteed, and also a look at what factors in the near future will further influence the world of location-based and programmatic ads.

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