AdMonsters Playbook: Building a Video Business

By Jess Tyler April 28, 2018

As broadband connectivity and processor speeds have rapidly accelerated, consumer behavior online has gradually shifted from reading to viewing hours and hours of video. Call it the “TV-ification” of the web—the internet has become a video-centric experience. The “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me” revolution in consumer behavior online is fully at hand.

Oh, hey–did we mention that video advertising can be far more lucrative on a CPM basis than display? No wonder every publisher is rushing to get in on the video market.

Tout is the TV Network for the Internet. Tout is the only solution that delivers total video success for publishers by providing premium video content, patented, streamlined technology for publishing video and intelligent advertising solutions.

But of course it’s not easy. Building up a video program from scratch—or from something very basic—is a multi-department task, though the revenue team can and should have a large role in the process. To begin, there has to be a content strategy: You’re either producing video yourself, curating from the deep field of video creators online, or licensing video from partners. Then there’s the selection of the video platform or player. After that point, there’s the issue of reaching your audience beyond your own site, so you can build your business regardless of how your own traffic looks this month.

Assuming you’ve successfully conquered these initial challenges, there is monetization, selecting and setting up a video ad server to actually drive revenue… and sourcing partnerships for ads themselves.

This new playbook, developed in partnership with Tout, will walk you through these key facets of building up a video business, giving you key tips as you embrace the TV-ification of the web.

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