Bad Ads, Whatcha Gonna Do?

We’re back with another entry in AdMonster’s Discourse, the audio series that massages your eardrums while also informing you about the latest in digital media and advertising technology.

As guaranteed spend from advertisers has been paused or simply dried up, publishers are leaning on the open programmatic marketplace far more… And they’re having to reluctantly drop their floors. This potentially opens the door to low-quality ads (belly-fat is comin’ back, baby!), malvertising, and malware—right when scam artists smell the opportunity and are flooding the exchanges with ad excrement.

I grabbed AdLightning CEO and Founder Scott Moore and Freestar VP of Business Development Laura Gaffney to talk about the latest malvertiser schemes; how publishers can protect users; whether there’s any relief from scummy mask ads that are even testing Google’s limits; and if there’s a slippery slope if a pub lets a few bad ads in.

But I also wanted to chat about the post-pandemic digital media space, especially a recent prediction from AdLightning that publishers would increasingly leverage outsourced revenue optimization firms while keeping lean in-house ad ops teams.

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