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Everyone’s Gone Native: Wrapping Up PubForum Sonoma & the Native Advertising Summit, Part I

Carve it into a tree, with a heart circling the acronyms: DM+NA.Digital media and native advertising – absolutely made for each other. The most perfect pairing since peanut butter met jelly; a more powerful coupling than Beyonce and Jay-Z; more notorious in the digital advertising ecosytem than Bonnie and Clyde.…

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2013: What Is in Store?

This summer I ran into a friend at a ho-hum conference in midtown – the energy in the room was markedly low, which at first I was willing to chalk up to summer sluggishness. However, as we were chatting, I realized it was something more – we both commented that…

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Witness the Boom: Mobile Marketing Live Kicks Off 1 Oct.

Mobile Marketing Live opens for business on 1 October at the Business Design Centre in London. The event encompasses an exhibition, conference, training and networking. In the conference, delegates will hear from Google, talking about the three big trends in mobile: social, local and commerce; Ford, talking about turning the car…

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