Publisher Forum Columbia Gorge: Breakout Sessions

Read descriptions of sponsor breakouts below. Register for your two preferred sponsor breakouts here. AdColony – Fish Need Water, Birds Need Air & Great Ads Need Great Content11:10-11:50 a.m., 12:00-12:40 p.m.Close the spreadsheets, log out of the dashboard and come experience the power of brand storytelling. Today AdColony is showing you the…

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How Publishers Guard Against Malvertising

Malvertising, defined as the use of online advertising to spread malicious software (aka “malware”), is a damaging occurrence in online advertising. A malicious advertisement is one that is able to infect a user’s computer with malware.  Malvertising tends to be rare in frequency, but its consequences can be destructive; publishers…

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Viewability: Publishers’ 20/20 Experience

 Click Here to Download the Report! In 2012, the IAB officially recognized viewable impressions as a viable metric with its 'Making Measurement Make Sense,' or 3MS initiative. Today, viewability occupies the ad ops spotlight, as debates grow both for and against the controversial metric. And, with the discussion on viewable impressions…

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