AdMonsters and Symantec Malvertising Report: How to Fight the Growing Threat

How To Effectively Combat Malvertising

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In a survey for our new report, “How to Fight the Growing Threat of Malvertisements”, sponsored by Symantec, we found that 90 percent of ad ops professionals acknowledge the threat of malvertising, and consider malvertising protection “very important.”  Our newest report with Symantec outlines just why malvertisements continue to pose enormous risks to online publishers, as well as how publishers can find and evaluate the most effective third-party anti-malvertisement vendors. 

Fifty percent of ad operations professionals have been targeted by malvertising. And, with a twofold jump in the number of malvertising delivered by ad networks between 2011 and 2012, malvertising has become a legitimate and growing concern for ad ops professionals. However, more than half of those surveyed do not use third-party products to safeguard their networks from malvertisements. With such a large percentage of ad ops professionals acknowledging the risks of malvertisements, why aren’t more of them turning to third-party products to curb the growing threat?

A large culprit in the slow adoption of third-party anti-malvertisement products is a disconnect in accountability. Many ad ops professionals hold advertisers and ad servers responsible for protecting their platforms against malvertising; however, consumers put the accountability on web publishers. Additionally, stopping malvertising can be particularly challenging for web publishers who have little control over syndicates ads, and often do not know where the ads originated. 

Our new report offers insight into the different ways third-party anti-malvertisement products effectively ward off malicious ads, as well as tips and best practices for evaluating third-party anti-malvertising solutions. To read more on how you can protect your website against the growing threat of malvertisement, download the full report