Salary Survey 2013 – We Want to Hear from You

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Our 2013 AdMonsters Ad Operations Salary Survey is now open, and we want your input as we seek to compile a comprehensive record of all the job categories, job roles, titles and salaries that together comprise the ad operations industry.

Each year, AdMonsters asks its members and readers to fill out a short survey to better understand the salary landscape of the ad operations world, and to make sure ad operations leaders and their teams are fairly compensated for their hard work in an ever-evolving industry. And, this year, we’ve gone global, merging our separate U.K. and U.S. salary surveys into one and expanding it to cover other regions around the world as the ad ops business continues to erase borders. 

Head over to our survey now. And, remember, the more results, the better equipped we are to give a holistic view on state of ad operations and its workforce. 

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Click Here to Take the 2013 AdMonsters Ad Ops Salary Survey.