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How Digital Operations Drives Agencies

Digital media itself may be a major disruption, but it is also an opportunity to explore new business models. Media agencies are constantly finding themselves in search of the next best media idea, strategy, or product. So how do they become better at working with digital or simply better digital…

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Salary Survey 2013 – We Want to Hear from You

Click Here to Take the 2013 AdMonsters Ad Ops Salary Survey.Our 2013 AdMonsters Ad Operations Salary Survey is now open, and we want your input as we seek to compile a comprehensive record of all the job categories, job roles, titles and salaries that together comprise the ad operations industry.Each…

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Relieving Paperwork Pain: Tips for T&C Negotiation

To my knowledge no one goes into ad operations to practice law. It was certainly the last thing on my mind when I started back in 1999, but I quickly found myself having to navigate T&Cs, IOs and the occasional client-signed PowerPoint slide printout. As if that wasn’t tough enough,…

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Advice For an Ad-Ops Intern

For the first time in history, the UM Ad Ops team is getting a summer intern. Apparently, there are a lot of mundane and basic tasks associated with Operations (who knew!), and our team will be able to push those tasks onto the intern for the next 2 ½ months.…

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