Raising the Roof: Advancing Diversity in Digital Media and Advertising Technology

Are you familiar with the terms glass ceiling, glass cliff, or how about concrete ceiling? Nearly any BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color) or woman has heard of these terms (or some variation of them) on their way up the ranks of corporate America. Now, with more focus on racial inequality, the digital media, marketing, and advertising technology industries are being tasked with having to look—hard and long in the mirror—at their diversity and inclusion practices.

For the women and BIPOC who’ve made it to the managerial or executive-level in these industries, they’ve often found their career progression to be much slower than or fraught with more challenges than their white male counterparts due to unconscious bias.

Listen to this milestone 5oth episode of Minority Report Podcast—live from AdMonsters Publisher Forum Virtual—where hosts and ad ops/ad tech vets, Kerel Cooper and Erik A. Requidan chat with Reggie Hudson, Director of Digital Operations at Northstar Travel GroupAlicia Ray founder of The AdTech Collective, and Brenda Salce-Garcia, SVP, Global Customer Success at  & Co-Founder of Tech Bae about their career trajectories while examining the concept of the glass ceiling and uncovering how diversity and inclusion can work for the betterment of both business and society.

Or you can watch the video: