Minority Report Podcast x AdMonsters: News Corp’s Stephanie Layser

When Erik Requidan, Vice President of Sales and Programmatic Strategy, Intermarkets Inc. called  Kerel Cooper, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, LiveIntent back in April 2018 and told him he had an idea for creating a podcast where underrepresented groups within marketing and advertising could tell their own personal story, Cooper said he loved it. And so, the two partnered and launched the Minority Report Podcast.

The Minority Report highlights people of color, women & LGBTQ community within media, ad tech, advertising and marketing.  In June 2018 Requidan and Cooper went live with their first podcast, featuring Stephanie Layser, Vice President, Advertising Technology & Operations at News Corp. Layser shared her story of how she got into digital advertising, why building relationships is so important, how to manage work/life balance, and the importance of being self-aware.

Here are some highlights of what she shared in that episode:

That’s my whole mantra of getting a real good programmatic ad stack going—you gotta build the thing. You make little tiny adjustments over and over again. You can’t just flip a bunch of stuff on. That was the biggest learning of when I first stepped into programmatic—you gotta take it step-by-step. As I was moving through the industry that’s what I kept reiterating to people. There’s no quick fix, you gotta test.

Once you get a good network of friends in the industry, you just start sending stuff to each other all the time. Or a really succinct Twitter feed is very important. My Twitter is business Twitter. A lot of Penn State Football stuff. A bit of feminism stuff going on. Those are my things.

I think that everybody in the industry as a whole needs to acknowledge where they sit in terms of color and gender and how inclusive we are and be cognizant of that. The biggest thing for inclusiveness is that the people who tend to be in the majority can really raise up the people in the minority.

Listen to the full episode of Minority Report Podcast featuring Stephanie Layser below:

We’ll be sharing select episodes of the Minority Report Podcast here on AdMonsters, so be sure to check back for more.