Minority Report Podcast: AdMonsters’ Tameka Kee Geeks Out on Ad Tech

“I love being able to nerd out about ad tech. It’s nerdy and it’s technical,” says Tameka Kee, Head of Content at AdMonsters.

In this recent episode of Minority Report Podcast, Kee speaks with hosts Kerel Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer, LiveIntent, and  Erik Requidan, Founder & CEO, Tradecraft Advisory about her career journey, which includes Mediapost, Digiday, eMarketer, Rubicon Project, and launching her own business, The In.Fux Lab. They also discussed the great community that is AdMonsters, content strategy, dealing with discrimination, and a lot more.

Highlights of what Kee discussed:

On AdMonsters: A lot of people say the biggest thing about AdMonsters is its community. A lot of people say community and it’s air quotes. But as I’ve learned in the two months that I’ve been there, it’s a legit community.

On AdOps: The business of ad ops is so different than it used to be. It’s not just putting tags on a page, it’s managing all of these various aspects of revenue generation…and the needs of publishers is evolving.

On Representation: Even before D&I was a thing, whether I was at AdTech, MMS, Digiday, I always looked for diverse people for conversation. It wasn’t I need a Black dude, a Spanish person, or a woman. It was how do I have different job titles in each session because that’s going to give me diverse perspectives. We are going to look for more diverse voices but also using more different platforms to bring us some of those more diverse voices.

On the Future of Ad Tech:  Our industry has talked a lot about the democratization of content and the first wave of that was the creation of that content. Now we’re at a place where monetization of that content is democratized. The way that content creators can make more money for their content and that ad tech powers it is exciting to me.