AdMonsters Forges New Beginnings With Tameka Kee, Head Of Content

There are a lot of exciting changes happening in digital media and advertising right now, and we at AdMonsters are dedicated to providing you with insights for developing successful strategies to help your businesses grow. We achieve this through the informative content we produce on our site and in our newsletters, as well as through our many community-minded live and virtual events. 

We’re happy to announce that we’re bringing on adtech content maven, Tameka Kee, as our new Head of Content to guide us in building our blueprint for the future — so that we can continue to provide you with the same high-quality content and experiences that you’ve become accustomed to. She also promises to help us kick it up a notch.

I sat down with Tameka to talk about her experiences in ad tech, her content background, and her plans for the AdMonsters brand.

Lynne d Johnson: Hey, Tameka. I’m really hyped about you joining us. You and I have a history that goes back quite a few years. I don’t know if you remember, but you hooked me up with content gigs with 4Info and TagMan back-in-the-day. But for the folks in the AdMonsters community who might not be familiar with your background, can you tell them a little bit about your ad tech history?

Tameka Kee: Haha … yes, it’s always good to share the wealth in terms of potential projects! 

So just to start, I’m an ad tech-aholic … 

For the better part of a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of calling ad tech companies like Magnite, Adcolony and 33across my clients. As a marketing and communications consultant, I helped them create events and content that explained how their platforms worked, as well as what “adtech” was to the broader market.

LdJ: That’s pretty cool. How’d you get interested in advertising and what’s your background in content?

TK: My love affair with advertising started with journalism. I got my first industry gig as a reporter, covering the then “brave new world” of search marketing for Mediapost (shout out to the OG indie publisher, Ken Fadner at Fadner Media), and then working with other B2B editorial brands like mediabistro (RIP), Digiday and eMarketer.  

So I’m psyched to say that after years spent deep in the weeds on the platform end, I’ve made my way back to the side of the business that originally captured my heart and imagination: publishing. 

LdJ: Wow. I didn’t even realize you worked for all of those great brands. We likely first met through a mediabistro or Digiday event. What are your thoughts about what’s happening in the advertising ecosystem right now and how will that shape how you approach your new role with AdMonsters?

TK: As Head of Content, I’ll help guide the editorial strategy for, as well as our roster of (epic) events like PubForum and AdOps — all while nerding out about trends at the intersection of advertising, content, and technology. 

It’s an amazing opportunity — and a bit of a noble cause, I think — because it’s a tumultuous time to be a media company. 

From massive shifts in the way people consume content to the tangled web of privacy regulations to figuring out smart new ways to drive revenue without thoroughly pissing your audience off — publishers face some complex challenges. 

It’s my hope to be able to develop content and events that help publishers and their teams thrive amidst all the disruption (and that means everyone from the yield and adops managers in the trenches, to the CROs thinking about the future of monetization). 

LdJ: I can’t wait to see the kinds of content we come up with. How can folks get in touch with you?

TK: You can hit me up on Twitter @geekychic or shoot me an email: tkee [at] admonsters [dot] com. Let me know your thoughts on where our industry is headed. I’m here with Lynne and the rest of the team, focused and ready to create meaningful conversations that help you make braver, smarter decisions about your business.